Safety/Security & Anti-Graffiti Film

  • Protect your building, personnel and the public from the effects of flying glass.
  • Comply with the latest glass safety regulations…
  • Deter unwanted intrusion by thieves and protect from vandalism

By installing Safety & Security Window Films Clarke’s Tinting can help you reduce the risk of personal injury, property damage and loss caused by natural disaster and crime. Available in a wide range of tints, styles and grades, our films are specially designed to deter everything from the high winds of storms to the costly eyesore of graffiti. Clarke’s Tinting invite you to explore the various solutions available to protect your home or office building. We help to provide safety tinting for those in Parramatta, Penrith, Sydney’s CBD and many more locations, so you can ensure if the worst happens you are protected.

In the unfortunate event of any of the above incidents occurring, the glass is likely to shatter and will more than likely cause shards of flying glass, as well as leaving very dangerous jagged edges within the window itself. This will increase the likelihood of injury to personnel or the public, damage to the building’s fabric or fittings (with up to 80% of this type of damage attributed to the effects of flying glass) and make it far easier for potential thieves to enter into your building.

The application of a safety or security film may still mean that the glass may break or shatter but it will be contained by the window film itself, thus holding the glass in place, giving the potential to prevent injury, protect property and, in extreme cases, save lives. The window film will also act as a post-impact barrier to frustrate the break-in attempts of the opportunist burglar, thus deterring unwelcome visitors. We have a great range of safety tinting options available to you from frosted window protection to guarding against the sun.

Anti-Graffiti Window Film

When vandals do strike, it won’t be permanent……

Vandalism is more than just a nuisance and eyesore; it’s also a huge financial drain to public and private budgets. The cost of repeatedly replacing windows and glass that has been scratched or marked with spray-paint can prohibitive, not to mention time consuming and disruptive. 
Anti-Graffiti window film protection is designed to be an easy replaceable sacrificial layer for the windows in the commercial and retail marketplace. The window stays put, and just the film is replaced, at a fraction of the cost. 

Why you should use Clarke’s Tinting to install your Safety & Security Film;

  • Deter Intruders
  • Easy to install
  • Protects family and employees
  • Acts as an invisible coat of armour
  • Easy to remove vandalism

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